Sometimes I Just Sit


A timeless portrait of a young girl lost in her story. Painted in rich warm shades of burnt sienna and yellow ochre with touches of blue and soft pink.

The light falls across the lap of the young child as she reads. This intimate moment is painted in acrylic on a hardwood panel with layers of colour and mark-making.
The painting was inspired by a small, worn sepia photograph which you can read about HERE.
The precious photo has given this painting a timeless sense of calm reflection. On the reverse of the photograph is written - "sometimes I sit and read, and sometimes I just sit," giving the painting its title.
  • Original acrylic painting
  • Painted on hardwood panel
  • Natural wood floater frame
Size Unframed
  • Width: 300mm
  • Height: 300mm
Size Framed
  • Width: 340mm
  • Height: 340mm