In the Calm, I Flourish

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A contemporary landscape painting with softly layered blue greens and the palest pink. These openings of water – patches of reflected sky and places of possibility – bring space and calm to a busy pond.

This painting is part of a mini series that could collectively be called "Where We Meet".
In my photography and sketchbook I was exploring an overgrown large pond. As I was drawing, my observations were being repeatedly attracted to the open patches of water where the numerous lily pads had not managed to cover. In the process of making this piece, the smooth quality of the paint surface and the depth of colour create a beautifully rich and calming feeling of space.
The colours on this painting range from dark magenta through deep green to light blue and the palest pink.
  • Original acrylic painting on hardwood panel, varnished.
  • Framed in a white painted grain wooden frame
Size Framed
  • Width: 530mm
  • Height: 530mm