I had recently started walking again after a serious accident and Liberated was inspired by the joy of being out of the wheelchair, off the beaten path amongst a field of thistledown.

Capturing a feeling of excitement, the spirit of “We’re off, this could be fun!” The path ahead having a sense of the mysterious, the unknown, with the figure showing a strength in her attitude. She doesn’t know where she is going but she’s not bothered by it as she has what she needs for the hike. The sense of normalcy in the face of mystery – around the corner into the big unknown and it’s not slowing her down!

This painting was voted as “Best in show” at The Love Life Exhibition at 22 Bishopsgate, London by judges David Beckham and Alixe Bovey – Dean and Deputy Director at The Courtauld. The exhibition was brilliantly organised by The Sophie Clarke Foundation and this piece was successfully auctioned to raise funds for Sound Minds and Papyrus UK.

David Beckham
“Great piece of art and what a great story”

Alixe Bovey
“Captivating image of walker and dog striding through a loosely-painted, evocative landscape along a path dividing light and shade. Spoke to me of the joy of movement, nature and animals; the artist commentary gives a biographical context, explaining that it describes liberation from a wheelchair after a period of convalescence.”