Here’s my most used piece of art equipment at the moment – a small squeegee. It really isn’t meant to be an art tool but a kitchen cake mix scraper/icing spreader – its just perfect for spreading thick acrylic paint with a super smooth finish. I’ve also used it to spread on a final coat of gloss medium with no brush marks! And, best of all, it’s super easy to clean! I am going to try out some cake scrapers with different edges next, normally used to cut or create patterns in cake icing, but the possibilities for creating textures in layers of paint are exciting!

Then begins my journey of building up the composition with layers of paint and sanding back until the piece is finished, varnished and carefully framed. That can all take several weeks.

But, over these past weeks and months, the next step has often been put on hold or postponed; that of sharing my work and talking about it with those for whom it also resonates. So do come along and see how being in lockdown has influenced my work and if you would like to meet me in Stockbridge please contact me directly and I will be able to arrange. Alternatively, email to make an appointment to visit me in the studio if you are in the Southampton, Hampshire area.